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    Are you tired of searching for that document through hundreds of folders on multiple shelves? Want to Free up precious office space from messy piles of hard copy paper documents on shelves, floors, file cabinets, boxes and storage bins filling up every day?. Tired of dealing with the stress of sensitive documents in a state of advanced deterioration or irreversible damage. Want to secure and limit or prevent access to sensitive documents? Our DMS brings a perfect solution to all these and more!

    Statistics has shown that about 10% of all documents get lost; 5% of the remainder get misfiled. Business professionals spend about 10 to 20% of their time reading information, and up to 50% of their time looking for it.

    Our DMS Called DOMSCAMSOFT; captures, stores, manages and retrieves both paper and electronic documents and provides many key benefits to your organization.

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    We have realized that many companies in Africa do not fully understand the necessity of having an #online presence. We do not mean just having a website and #social media accounts. These are simply the first steps, more has to be done in terms of #content and #SEO to actually seen the real benefits of a web and social presence.

    We have heard a lot of people and #digital #marketing agencies talk about improving your #business #visibility online. But what do they mean by that? Seem most customers do not clearly understand that. The reason why a lot of digital marketing agencies face difficulty getting and convincing clients.

    Here I will focus my explanation of visibility and reputation building using content marketing, although there are other strategies, they cost alot of money.

    So, visibility means searchers can easily find your business online. In a more technical language, we talk about increasing SEO ranking and thus #organic #search #traffic.

    Reputation in content marketing means, people trust you or your business or admit that your business has a mastery of a certain subject or discipline.

    In conclusion, a welled plan content marketing campaign helps get high-quality links that drive strong SEO results.

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    Billions of people carry out searches on the web on a daily base. Search engines have to sort a huge number of webpages taking into consideration the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and setting to provide you with the most useful information. In a marketing perspective, it is very important to understand web searches because it is an integrated part to be considered when crafting your search engine optimization strategies.
    Search engines have created programs called robots. You might also call these robots as crawlers or spiders. These robots crawl the web in order to discover and document new webpages. It is important to note that each spider is specific to a search engine.

    How does Robots discover new Webpages?

    The primary way by which robots discover new sites is by using a link. That is if another website links to your website, a path is created that can be used by the robot to discover your site. Formally, webmasters used to submit their sites to search engines so that they could be discovered by robots. But, today robots find a website on their own.
    A website can be added into a free service like Google Webmaster tool to ease the process of discovering a site by robots. When a new page is discovered by a robot, that robot determines what the page is about and for which topics the page should rank. After this analysis of the page by the robot, the page is index. Indexing is simply adding the site or page into a database. Each of the pages is catalogue in such a way that search engines can rapidly reference the data when required, and return appropriate results to the user’s search query. So when a user does a search, the search engines look through their index for webpages they have crawled and analyzed.
    When a user performs a search, the results are gotten in a fraction of second. In this period of time before the user can get the results, the search engine determines which pages are most relevant to your query and then rank the results based on the authority of the websites.

    How is this important to Marketing?

    Marketers that are digital marketers must be able to understand what makes a website consider relevant to the search query. Thus, it is important to be aware of all the factors that can influence the relevance of a site in the search query.
    So understanding how the google algorithm determines the relevance of a webpage and other factors that affect site ranking is crucial. Marketers in the digital world must be able to clearly understand search engines and the algorithm behind it if they have to be successful in the search marketing space

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    The Apps market is estimated to have about 2 million iOS apps in the Apps Store and 4 million Google Play store apps(App Annie).This increasing numbers of apps in the market, as well as the rising costs of advertisement has made it very difficult to succeed in this environment.
    Building the reputation and visibility of an app is thus paramount to ensure its download. To do this is challenging, and have led to the inability of generating revenues for the company from app downloads.

    What is the Secret to Increase Downloads of an App?

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to boost downloads of an app. So, #ASO is the act of increasing your mobile presence, thus helping to increase app downloads and boost the store ranking of that app. I am sure, you should be glad by now knowing ASO affects your revenues stream positively.
    ASO is a holistic approach used to increase an app visibility. This is done by
    -Choosing the right keywords
    -Place the app in the right category
    -Using the app reviews to improve its feature and solve bugs
    -Keeping an eye on what competitors are doing to rank well

    How can Camsoft Group Ltd help?

    Camsoft Group is a digital marketing agency with a proven competencies in #SEO, #SEM, #ASO, Social Media Marketing and other branches of digital marketing. We do the #SEO of your app, monitor and readjust keywords to ensure that within a period of one to two months, your app doubles or triples downloads. You can check our website for more details on our digital marketing services at A continuous improvement of the features and the debugs of arising problems must be ensure to guarantee success to our marketing. View our services on software development at
    #DigitalMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #BusinessIntelligence

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    PECB Press release

    October 17, 2019 – The Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) and Camsoft Group Ltd, have signed a business partnership agreement, with the purpose of delivering training courses and professional certifications for individuals and companies. This joint effort will also increase the value of training courses and professional certificates in Cameroon, so partners and customers can easily access PECB training courses ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 9001, etc, based on their business needs.

    “We are delighted to sign this business partnership agreement, and look forward to working with Camsoft Group Ltd, to assist our clients in accessing training courses needed to transform their business settings and achieve professional academic development,” said Eric Lachapelle, the CEO of PECB. “This partnership agreement will provide combined value to support training courses and comprehensive certification services in Cameroon market. The PECB partner program will enable Camsoft Group Ltd, to deliver training courses, while offering updated training materials and professional certifications. In addition, our professional team and resources will be a great asset of supporting this business partnership,” concluded Lachapelle.

    Kensam Solomon, General Manager, Camsoft Group Ltd
    We are a startup IT company since 2014 our mission is to deliver quality and innovative services to our clients and the market. Adhesion to Standards Through partnership with PECB is a guarantee that quality assurance will enhance and continue to drive our future offers. PECB’s solid International offers in certification and International standards provide the collaborative and complementary platform for this partnership to flourish. This partnership will enable and open up opportunities for the benefit of our Partnership and clients. We are excited about PECB’s impressive portfolio of offers that match our efforts towards future success.

    About PECB
    PECB is a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services, PECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management, Quality Management, Risk & Management, Health, Safety, and Environment.

    We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation and certification against rigorous internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit society as a whole. For additional information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, please visit

    About CAMSOFT Group Ltd
    CAMSOFT Group Ltd is an IT and Services company Based in Yaoundé Cameroon incorporated since 2014. Our mission is to deliver quality and innovative solutions of our domain to Businesses so they can surmount challenges, grow and derive profit. Our vision is to fan out to the CEMAC region, Africa and then conquer the world.

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    Information Technology system security is one of the most important reason why IT investments fail.Protecting your system from hackers is then a crucial consideration companies must address.We have seen very successful business crumbling the following second,minute,hour or day just because of a system vulnerability that was certainly neglected.This led to the lost of important business documents,and in some cases lost of money that led to the bankruptcy of the company.Thus,ensuring the security of your system must be prioritized for any company that uses or wishes to digitize their processes.

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    Marketing is the process of value exchange that is facilitated by the four P's.
    Digitization is shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers.This is because the tools employed in enacting the four P's are increasingly becoming digital and democratized across a large number of consumers.In this regard firms must make sure the adapt to this changing market environment by crafting adequate strategies.It is a three person race where we have consumers,competitors and you.How do you win?

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    How we help our customer develop relationship with their consumers.Its all about a game of strategy and creativity. We set KPIs based on your company size and business objectives.Want to boost your sales