about us

Mission & Vision


We are timely, dynamic, committed to global development and penetration to connect you. We are always looking for great ways to enable you take opportunity of your business challenges


We continuously strengthens and innovates our position to lead Information Technology (IT) in Africa and create impacts in the world


We consider people first:

  • Our unique culture is our first tools for competitive advantage.
  • We trust and believe in our people as a mean to excel with our clients and stakeholders
  • The abilities to take opportunities, think, and create something out of nothing is our passion and a way to globally reach and connect our community by monitoring and following their mindshare

We always do the right thing

  • We are transparent and direct so that people know where the company stands and where they stand, so that they can make great decisions.
  • We do the right thing even if it means going beyond what is written on papers.
  • We lead our industry to set standards that technologies should align with business needs and ensures that our customers have their desired results and reliably.

We succeed together with you:

  • We take risks and challenge complacency, mediocrity, and decisions that don’t make sense.
  • We ask, listen, learn, and collect data. We engage in constructive debate to reach conclusion and move forward together.
  • We solve problems together and help each other out along the way. We keep our commitments and communicate diligently when we can’t
  • We are a learning organization. We aren’t embarrassed by our mistakes. We communicate and learn from them so we can grow in our jobs.