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Message from CEO

African entrepreneurs must address the need of Information technology (IT) in their businesses in order to compete with the rest of the world. How radically IT improve productivity, communication processes, and profitability!!! -Eric Kedze EWI, CEO Camsoft group

Since 2010 we have been working with the idea in mind, how to;

  • Communicate the huge contribution of these indispensable technologies to every business area
  • Integrate IT into the culture of every African entrepreneur
  • Extend market beyond measures
  • Take advantage of IT in every business.

The idea is to;

  • Create an environment where all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees, investors, etc…) unconsciously take part in the realization of your visions and objectives.
  • Fight almost every business challenge using IT.
  • Optimize and cut down IT spending to say 90% yet doubling your efficiency and productivity.

The result of this surge is Camsoft group.

To achieve this, Camsoft group bring to you 3 categories of services which are:

At camsoft group, we guarantee you;
  • 100% Trust
  • 100% loyalty
  • 100% openness to ideas
  • 100% commitment to our cause
  • 100% listening to your business values
IT innovation

Technology as a catalyst to change business models

The abilities to take opportunities, think, and create something out of nothing is our passion and a means to globally reach and connect our you by monitoring and following your mindshare